Adventures in Audinometry


A Meditative Science that leads You far beyond Meditation

Of all the courses the Great Universal School of Life offers, there is only one that is required for an individual to graduate: ENERGY MANAGEMENT.  In order to graduate from the school of life, you must learn to run the energies of life.

If you drove off in your car without understanding the relationship between the gasoline in the tank, the gas gauge in the instrument cluster, and the car’s ability to continue moving, you may go a ways in the car but sooner or later you would be a pedestrian. The true essence of your being lives on an electrical type of spiritual energy. This spiritual energy drives your consciousness and provides the energy to hold your genetic structure in balance. The energy is supplied to you through an umbilical cord arrangement, and the ringing or buzzing sound we all hear, some more than others, is the current flow in that power line.

Real spiritual growth/development involves learning how to control the energy flow in your own being. That energy flow is the gas (Force) that supports the life velocity of your being. When you have learned how to keep from running out of gas, you are free to explore THE GREAT UNIVERSE OF UNIVERSES, and to do so as a free being in your own right. This means that you will have a Cosmic driver’s license, unlimited energy, and ALL the time you need.

Energy management gives one the power to move vertically in the spiritual realms, and in doing so one finds that the higher in the spiritual realms one goes, the finer and more fun the experience of life is. Energy management, Wisdom, and experience allows one to graduate from the Great  Universal School of Life.

There is a way out of here. It is up through the hair swirl at the top of your head. BUT, you must master the fire of life to fly in the altitudes this direction offers. Up from the hair swirl is not necessarily up in the universe.  There is much more to up than meets the eye.

Master the fire of life and you are a Divine Being in your own right, your birthright from times own beginning.


Once you have established the value, to yourself, of relaxing completely and calming the mind and thus achieving a state of inner calm, the benefits of meditation are at hand. It is possible to let go of all the mind structures and relax into pure consciousness. If you make a point of relaxing into pure consciousness on a regular basis, doing this at the same time and in the same place every day, many benefits become available. Eventually you may realize pure consciousness is a progressive condition of being.

When I first heard the term Meditation, I thought it was a specific term. After I had done it for a number of years, I found it to be a rather general reference. To become a bit more specific about the inner experience I would divide meditation into four categories.

  1. Passive Meditation. Just sitting quietly and relaxing. A simple mantra helps. Directing the attention to some area also helps.
  2. Active Meditation. Sitting quietly, relaxing and focusing attention on a particular chakra. An eight to fifteen syllable mantra helps.  Focusing one’s attention on a particular star can result in some amazing experiences.
  3. Passive Sound Current Meditation. Sitting quietly, relaxing, focusing one’s attention on a chakra such as the third eye, and listening to the inner sounds. This produces valuable energy in your spiritual structures, but does not give you control of it.
  4. Active Sound Current Meditation. Sitting quietly physically, relaxing mentally, listening to the inner sounds and learning how to command and manage the inner structures of your being. The Road to Life can become a reality. I call this progression Audinometry.  Audinometry, the many sounds in OM.

In the instructions I give to my students in The Eureka Society, I call meditation, flying. Getting consciousness free of the mind and the body is much like flying. When you learn how to control and manage the energies of consciousness you are free to roam the universe. More control, better energy management, and there is a universe of universes to wander in.  While you may wander in the universe of universes, every trip you take into creation brings you ever closer to your own Divine self. This is somewhat parallel to the spiritual progression I call The Road to Life. If you learn how to fly above the universe of universes and experience life in that state of being, from there life in this world is only a vague dream. There may well be more to life than you presently know.

The Audinometry system of meditation I compare to flying. I am able to guarantee my students a flyable spiritual airframe to the extent they will guarantee to follow my instructions. This approach to spiritual development is entirely involved in you learning how to manage the energy spectrums of your own divine self. Worshiping another being diminishes your personal energy charge. You must be center stage in your own life.

If we compare the four types of meditation I listed above to flying, then the first two are in a glider. It is possible to have some experience and even communicate with other beings this way, but when all is said and done it is little better than a session with smoke and mirrors. You will incarnate again, probably on the planet Earth and be little better off than you were this time. The third type of meditation changes the game a little. On the spirit level of life creation will pay a value to a person who meditates on the Sound Current. Even if they cannot achieve consciousness on the spirit level. From the physical level I would compare the spirit level value to one hundred dollars cash for every hour you spend in meditation. You must be able to reach the Spirit level in order to bank the value you have generated.

The fourth system, Active Sound Current Meditation, is in essence the system I teach, which is a step system. There are currently ten steps in the system. If I can again compare meditation to flying an airplane, step one is doing the walk-around. In flying a light plane the walk-around is just that.  You walk-around the airplane and check everything that needs to be looked at so there are no rude surprises three hundred feet off the end of the runway. Step two involves learning how to start the engine. In a light plane when you start the engine there is no way to not know the engine is running.  Step three involves taxiing to the end of the active runway and increasing the power of the tones you are listening to, which is in essence powering up the engine of your aircraft. If this is done properly, according to instructions, your spiritual airplane should fly off easily. Step four may cause some who read this a bit of concern. In step four we arm the aircraft.  Free in the universe there are many wonderful beings to communicate with.  That’s the Ying side. The Yang side is that apparently even out in the universe, Ying and Yang must balance. Going into the universe well-armed allows one the privilege of experiencing tomorrow’s time lines without a lot of complications. Peace is a warrior’s prize. Step five does for your spiritual airframe what the turbo-jet engine did for physical airframes.

I spent most of the 1960’s exploring in the universe. But that was after I had solved a major problem. In meditation, after I had relaxed enough, I would have a good picture. We can call it astral vision. Listening to the tones I could feel myself gaining altitude. As I gained altitude my vision would deteriorate and soon there was no picture. Often I could see light and colors, but there was no form. I read from someone who was supposed to be an authority that beyond a certain level there was no form. My father said many things don’t work because they need to be taken apart and cleaned, then carefully reassembled. So in meditation, I watched my vision deteriorate and wondered how to take it apart and fix it. As I watched what was happening, I finally realized my vision was going out of focus. I learned how to focus and after that everything worked fine.

The aura structures have a major affect on inner vision. One of these looks like a cloud. It is expandable and may carry the color of the last chakra that was excited. The cloud aura can spin in either direction. As one goes up through the levels, it tends to spin out and this causes vision to go out of focus. If you are having trouble with inner vision, the cloud aura could well be the problem. For me to have good vision my cloud aura must be spinning counter clockwise at a high velocity and inside of my physical spine. With the cloud aura working properly the airplane flies off easily.


I have always considered myself just an average midwestern American. Perhaps a bit more inquisitive than some. Perhaps a bit more persistent than others. My father was an exceptional man and on many occasions gave me wonderful sage advice. He was self-educated and became an electrical engineer and highly respected steam boiler engineer.  Many times he said to me,  “Bruce, it’s easy to excel in life. Just do your homework. No one else ever really does.” He was very mechanically oriented, and as I spent a lot of time with him his mechanical interest probably fueled my own. He gave me discipline. And while at the time I can’t say I enjoyed being disciplined a whole lot, discipline of itself is a wonderful gift to give to a child. Think about it. We give our children cars and they wreck them, money and they spend it, and/or lose it, freedom and they abuse it. We try to give them direction and they rebel against us. We learn to tolerate them becoming less than we know we could have been with the same opportunities we have tried to give them. But, if you give a child discipline, the being can have self discipline. Self discipline is the great master key that opens creation’s vast treasure houses and allows you to be more than you have been.

As a child I watched my father take things apart, fix them, put them back together again, and they worked. I was five or six when I first took the family alarm clock apart. Taking it apart was easy. Putting it back together again was another matter, and I got talked to about that and the others I managed to get my hands on. There were many alarm clocks until the one I had apart three times. It kept better time when I was through with it than it had when the family got it.

I suppose I could have become a clock maker with that background, but I was already into taking other things apart and putting them back together. Model airplane engines were easy to acquire and this led to a fascination with the internal combustion engine. Spending time with my father, I also learned a lot about steam power plants. Still in conjunction with my growing fascination with mechanical things, I also had a very deep and abiding interest in the other side of life. The astral, causal, spirit side of life.

Because how one feels to oneself seems to be normal to oneself, it did not seem to me to be anything other than normal that I brought a lot of memories of my past lives to this life. Not the ‘this was my name and I lived here’ type of memories, but the more important conclusion type memories. Conclusions earned through many lives and experiences.

My conclusions were often stronger than the schooling I was offered.  I already knew death was just a transition, not an end as religion tried to teach me. I already knew we were spirit beings contractually in this world for one reason or another. I already knew above all these horizontal paths physical life offered, was a vertical path that led into the far reaches of creation. A path I had traveled often and latently knew much about. I already knew life was eternal, but physical bodies were not.

In my teens I read philosophies and theologies and wondered if those writers had really done their homework. There is a logical sequential discipline to putting a clock together. There is a logical sequential discipline to putting an internal combustion engine together. There is a logical sequential discipline involved in getting usable power from a steam boiler. Philosophies and theologies had a lot of words, but I failed to find in them a logical sequential discipline that led to a usable tractive force.  Consider. All the chakras below the solar plexus have tractive energy.  All the chakras above the solar plexus have directional energy. But only in the physical body do we combine the energies into movement in the realm our physical body occupies. What of the other vehicles you already have, and can learn to use in the non-physical realms of reality they exist in?

To me, in my teens, the words of the philosophies and theologies were interesting and the concepts fascinating, but the people who wrote them seemed to be wandering around horizontally in dense woods. They seemed to know a lot about the workings of life, but I wanted to know about the potentials of life. I knew where I had been. I wanted to know where I could go. Where could doing my homework take me?

For many years my father was a steam boiler inspector for Travelers Insurance Company. He also became an elevator inspector. Being with him as he inspected elevators led me to understand that there was an elevator in creation. One had only to learn the logical sequential discipline that lead to the usable tractive force powering the elevator, and thus the potentials of the upper reaches of creation would be available to those disciplined enough to find the way.

I found the elevator and have used it many times. At first it took me to interesting and even fascinating places. Eventually I realized that every trip in the elevator in creation was taking me closer to my real self. There is much to learn here, but the really important thing to learn is who you really are. I can tell you who you really are, but what I tell you is only words and the words are of little use to you. Unless you master the tractive force in your life and make the words real for you in your life, they have no value …

You are the embryonic child of the Great Divine Master Creator of a Universe of Universes. It is your destiny to become a Divine being in your own right. Under your own power.

To do this you must learn how to be the master of the energies of that state of being. There is a logical sequential discipline that teaches one how to progressively manage the energies of higher and higher states of being.  Energy management is all your really need to know. Energy management is the most essential element on  . . .


...There is a Way...