The Fees

The following fees for the Audinometry Program are as follows:  an initial $50 registration fee, and a monthly $45 instruction fee. The total initial startup fee is $95, which includes the registration fee and the first month’s instruction fee.  This is so that your obligation to The Eureka Society is met and balanced in the physical world, leaving no future spiritual debt.

To clarify, this initial $95 fee does not pay for the whole program. The monthly $45 fee covers the cost of the regular monthly instruction you receive.

Since The Eureka Society is a non-profit organization, additional contributions are certainly always welcome, and of course, are tax deductible. However, there are no additional fees in Lesson I and II.

The Process

Membership in the Audinometry Program requires the successful completion of this 3-step application process.  All information is confidential.

There are 2 options available to complete the application process.  You can either download the application or you can apply online.  Both options require that you include 1 – 3 photos, at least 5 x 7 headshots in the application.  They will be used to take a look at you spiritually and be alerted to any special problems. This will also enable us to personalize your spiritual instruction and facilitate your spiritual progress. They are used for no other purposes. Your right to privacy will not be violated.

Please allow 1-2 weeks (3-4 weeks if mailed) for your application to be processed and for lesson material to reach you.

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