Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why do I need to include photos of myself when I send in my application?
    A: The photos are used to take a look at you as a spiritual being and your associated energy structures. They also enable us to tailor your spiritual instruction to your needs and to help us analyze any difficulties you might encounter along the meditation path.
  • Q: Rather than paying monthly dues, can I pay at my own pace? Can I pay on a lesson-by-lesson basis?
    A: At this time our program is not set up to include this as an option.
  • Q: Why does the Eureka Society charge members for instruction?
    A: There are two explanations for this.  Firstly, the Society, as a non-profit organization, does have costs associated with it.  The printing of lesson materials, postage, development of new projects such as books, etc. are all aspects of this.  Secondly, and perhaps far more importantly, when we instruct you in Sound Current meditation, the effects upon your Being can be profound.  Paying dues keeps the associated scales of karma balanced.  In that manner, neither we nor you, as the student, are bound to each other karmically and “weighted down” spiritually by those ties.
  • Q: What help is available to me if I run into problems with my spiritual training?
    A: Our years of experience in meditation and its associated issues are perhaps your best resources. As you develop friendships in the Society, you will find there are many who are willing to help problem-solve, share their experiences and point you towards possible solutions. Ultimately though, you are your own best spiritual resource and lessons arise to help you develop spiritually, even though they may appear as “problems” or “difficulties”.
  • Q: Why should I keep a meditation diary and send it in to my Lesson Coordinator?
    A: Initially, the diary looks like just another thing to remember to do.  However, years of teaching experience have shown us that the diary can be a valuable aide to problem-solving.  Patterns tend to emerge that one might miss if relying solely upon memory.  Indications of diet-related problems, energy issues with people in your immediate environment, etc. can all affect your spiritual progression.  Also, there are certain signposts of one’s spiritual development that often are reflected in the diaries.  We have the experience to recognize these signs and customize the Lesson materials you receive in order to maximize your spiritual growth.  The information in your diaries is yours and yours alone.  You decide the degree of disclosure to your Lesson Coordinator.  You decide what to include and exclude.  Keeping a diary is not required, but can be a great aid to your progress with the lessons.
  • Q: Who are the Lesson Coordinators and what is their background?
    A: Each of the Lesson Coordinators has been a Society member for many years. Their progress on the Audinometry path, personal skills and character have warranted Mr. Avenell’s request that they assume the role of Lesson Coordinator. This is not to imply that the needs of our members are not addressed by him directly. The Lesson Coordinators meet with him regularly, ask his advice and recommendations regarding most issues.
  • Q: Being a very practical person, what can this system do to improve my physical life?
    A: This is always an important factor in deciding on any program such as this.  But then, the physical and spiritual cannot really be separated.  Two sides of the same coin, and all that.  Some very obvious benefits usually show up early.  You have more energy, feel clearer mentally and stress levels are reduced.  After awhile these changes affect your attitude, in a positive way.  And things begin to snowball.  You feel better, are happier and your life moves more smoothly.  Whatever your field of endeavor, we’ve seen people greatly improve their performance and enjoy their work more.  So even though you initially feel emotional, mental and spiritual benefits, it all pours over into your physical life.
  • Q: There are a number of systems that teach sound current these days. What makes this different?
    A: Yes, sound current in and of itself is nothing new. Several sources believe most religions have some foundation in sound current teachings. The ancient Greeks called it “Logos”, as well as “Music of the Spheres” and the Bible mentions “The Word”. Also, Henry Bergson, a French philosopher, coined the term elan vital, which means the vital essence that causes everything to be. In 16th century India, Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, wanted to reestablish the integrity of sound current teachings, since he thought the world religions had strayed from it. A whole lineage passed on these teachings for many generations, up until today, along with several offshoot lineages. In the early 20th century, Dr. Bhagvad Singh Thind, a sikh guru, was one of the first to teach it here in this country. Kirpal Singh of India, who initiated a number of westerners, also taught here. (Bruce Avenell, Eureka Society founder, studied under both of them.) Since then, there have been a number of sound current teachers here. Surat Shabd(a) Yoga is another term for a sound current system. Most of these systems are devotional in nature, and you pay homage to a guru or master. We do not teach devotion. We teach a western, more progressive system, not tied to yesterday, one that allows you to tap into your own source and not be beholding to or dependent on anyone. In addition, our system is more derivative of a system once practiced in ancient Egypt.