Following is a chronological history, beginning with our founder’s history, how that led to the creation of The Eureka Society, and through the growing pains and progressions the organization experienced to arrive where it is today.

1946 – After already spending several years questioning some of the tenets of organized religion, and searching for reality in the physical world, Bruce Avenell, at the tender age of 16, experienced his First Contact.  While in the woods near his home in Michigan, he was taken out of his body, traveled up in a “spiritual” elevator, and arrived inside a bright, blinding light.  He vowed to get back to that place under his own steam, setting in course his life’s work.

1952 – Mr. Avenell met Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind, a sikh guru, in San Francisco.  Dr. Thind was one of the first teachers of sound current meditation in America.  He took classes from him for several months.

1960 – After meditating on the sound current for eight years, Mr. Avenell again found Dr. Thind, this time in Sacramento.  Later that fall, Mr. Avenell took his family on a trip to Mt. Shasta.  Here he had his first spiritual contact with the Lady of the Mountain (later learning her name was Duja).

1963 – In San Jose he met Kirpal Singh, another sikh guru (but from the Radhasoami movement) teaching sound current in America, and was initiated by him.  Mr. Avenell was a student of his for several years, forming and running a chapter of Kirpal Singh’s meditation society in Eureka, CA.

1968 – After receiving several messages in meditation that he should start his own group and become a meditation teacher, Mr. Avenell had a close brush with death.  He had been resisting these messages to teach, but this new message told him, ‘if he wasn’t going to teach, there was no point in staying’.

1969 – The Eureka Society was formed as a nonprofit educational corporation in California, based in Eureka, CA.  The first students began arriving that year.

1970’s – This was a very experimental period for the Society, as hundreds of students joined and participated in new, ground-breaking, graduate level meditation exercises, which were later used to grow and refine the Audinometry techniques of today.  Groups grew in Chicago and Austin, TX, as well as Escondido, CA. and other outlying areas.

1970 – During a visit to Mt. Shasta, Mr. Avenell received a very important cornerstone technique from Duja (Lady of the Mountain), which opened up many doors for the Society and its students.

1972 – The first annual Mt. Shasta retreat occurred in the Sand Flat area of the mountain.  Talks, discussions, hikes, camping and meditations highlighted the two week event.  From that point on, we have held this annual event in late July and early August.

1980’s – Geometric harmonic meditation configurations became the theme for this decade, as many hours and experiences were put to the test of rigorous research and development.

1983 – The location of the annual Mt. Shasta Retreat was moved to Unicorn Gardens (Red Fir Flat), a more private place on the mountain.  This also allowed us to conduct our sacred geometry configuration experimentation easier.  We still meet there today.

1990’s – The writing and publication of Mr. Avenell’s books, describing and exploring The Eureka Society’s experimentations, experiences and discoveries, has marked this decade. He still continues this process today.

1994 – Mr. Avenell’s first book, ESCAPE TO IMMORTALITY, was released.

1995 – A new advanced retreat began taking place in northern, AZ, in either in May or Sep, and is attended by students who have advanced instruction in sacred geometry.

1998 – Mr. Avenell’s second book, THE JOURNEYS OF ASCENSION, was released.

1999 – Mr. Avenell’s third book, MT. SHASTA – THE VITAL ESSENCE, was released.

2003 – Mr. Avenell’s fourth and fifth books, THE ROAD TO LIFE and VORTEXES, LIGHTS AND THE GATEWAYS TO HEAVEN, as well as his controversial sixth book, THE COLORS OF LOVE, is released.