Do Your Dreams Challenge Your Horizons?


Do Your Horizons Limit Your Dreams?

We live our physical world life in an illusion.  We daydream in a greater dream and come to believe we live in reality.  We become immersed in the emotional colors of life.  We are not told to be free of the dream.  We only have to learn how to be free of the emotional colors.

There are many ways to look at physical life, but in the end it is only a game.  It can be a very serious game, or a hilarious game.  That is up to you.  Life on earth is also life in school.  To graduate from life’s school you must find the part of your being that is the spirit child and bring that part of yourself to full consciousness. 

The Great Master Creator created the universes through wave harmonics.  The Music of the Spheres carries with it the Songs of Life.  The tones and spectrums of life on the spirit level adhere to more subtle and precise frequencies than those of the physical level of life do. 

To graduate from this world’s version of The School of Life, you must master essential altitude and energy management.  There is no way to do this, until you find within your being The Song of Songs.  The Song of Songs lights the radiant road to reality, The Road to Life. 

LISTEN . . . 

Do YOU hear the Music of the Spheres?  The Song of Songs?  The Songs of Life? 

The purpose of Audinometry is to help you grow as a spiritual person, improve the quality of your life, increase your energy and gain more wisdom on the Road to Life.  We feel we have the ingredients of a strong, stable and vital spiritual progression, enabling you to spark and nourish the divine child within you…the MAGIC that is YOU!

The path to Life is

only a path if you walk it,

only smooth if you run,

only goes someplace in you dream,

only goes up if you laugh,

only has music if you