For best understanding and context they should be read in this order:


Beware of those who would sell you immortality.  Life is already immortal.  There is no other kind. You come from “somewhere” before you were born and you go “somewhere” when you die. Religions attempt to define this experience for you, but the truth is it can be known by one personally.  It is possible to keep contact with that “somewhere” while you are in a physical body.  As a consequence, a vast world of growth opens up to the seeker or pilgrim soul.  You are already immortal.  It is only that your consciousness does not have the energy, momentum, velocity and altitude necessary to live in the eternal part of your being.  You can have these things in yourself in useful access.  It is easy, … if you try.  (More Info)


Our physical eyesight conceals much more than it reveals.  I was in my late twenties when I got my spiritual sense of sight working fairly well.  That is when I knew the above statement was true. There is so much more to see beyond physical vision.  This book is about some of the things we sense beyond what the physical eyes can see.  I will share with you some of the things my spirit vision communicates with my consciousness.  When you learn to listen with your vision, you can see similar things in your life.  There is a fascinating adventure just beyond your eyes’ perception.  (More Info)


Across the ages many wise men have explained what life is all about.  There seems to be as many explanations as there are wise men.  I submit to you the thought that one cannot know what life is all about unless one understands what the universe is all about.  Man, in his brief moment in time, has yet to learn to hear.  Life holds many great adventures for one who learns how to listen.  I was instructed to build a new bridge between the heaven realms and the physical world.  This new bridge is coming along very nicely.  We call it … AUDINOMETRY.  To use it, you must leave the belief systems, the mechanics of the old bridges, behind.  Wisdom is always hard to come by.  Be patient with it.  It will find you when you have prepared a place for it.  Are you listening?  (More Info)


Those of us in The Eureka Society have been coming to Mt. Shasta for over thirty years.  Climbing Mt. Shasta may be a rewarding experience.  Many do it.  But Mt. Shasta is also a spiritual mountain.  This book is about how to climb the spiritual mountain, and how to enjoy the many vistas along the way.  The view from the top is wonderful, and offers a view into your own spiritual future.  There is a great joy within you to be had.  Listen for it.  Look for it.  It is possible you may find the way to it, on … Mt. Shasta.  This book is dedicated to all those who know in their hearts that there is supposed to be more here than the contemporary world would have one believe.  And also to those who are looking for a better way into their own tomorrows …  For those whose dreams do challenge their horizons.  (More Info)


The Road to Life reaches from forever in the past to forever in the future.  You are responsible for this trace, track, path, trail, road, avenue, highway, or freeway you are traveling into the future upon.  You have built it, are building it and will build it.  Even as you wander in the wilderness of time, you lay the trail of your lives.  I write this for the wanderers, remembering when I was a wanderer.  I write this for those who have found some trace, path or trail.  For I have followed a lot of paths that ended essentially where they began.  So much of life is content with being nowhere that when one wishes to go somewhere, there is always somebody or something in the way.  The greatest battle you will ever face is the fight to gain access to, and control of, your very own being.  (More Info)


Sexually and spiritually explicit, this book shows how a man and a woman can have an incredible physical love life together, and at the same time, have an incredible spiritual progression.  Learn about the positive and negative effects copulating has on the magnetic structures of your total being and how to fix the spiritual damage you or your beloved may have suffered along the way in their journeys through time.  Love has many lessons to teach you, if you have the heart for it.  When you can create the blue fire energy of pure love with your beloved, you are well on your way to … But … that’s what this story is all about.  (More Info)  (The Booklet ‘Adventures in Understanding the Emotional Spectrums of Love & Erotica’ should be read first for the best comprehension.)

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