Those of us in The Eureka Society have been coming to Mt. Shasta for over forty years.  We come to communicate with a spiritual being with whom we have had spiritual experiences while camping, hiking and meditating on the mountain.  During those thirty years we have been for the most part a secret society.  We were not making an effort to be one.  It just worked out that way.  Perhaps the biggest reason was we had so much spiritual experience going on in our lives that our major focus was on our own spiritual progressions.

When I first came to Mt. Shasta I met a Lady on the mountain at a place called Panther Meadows. First in a lucid dream, then later, I could see her in waking consciousness.  But as in a double exposed picture, I could also see through her.  At first, she played games with me, offering me gold and jewels.  I told her I only came to meditate, and was not interested in her physical wealth.  When I convinced her of this, she offered me her spiritual wealth.

I was not spiritually poor when I came to Mt. Shasta and met her.  But the spiritual wealth she has given me, and helped me remember how to use, reaches far beyond all my physical person had ever dreamed there was to have.  Even now, more than thirty years later, every time I come to the mountain she has some special, pertinent gift for me.

This book is about the gifts the Lady on the mountain has for you.  She showed me many special places on the mountain to meditate.  We have come to understand that certain types of comprehensions pertain to certain places on the mountain to meditate.  Sometimes there was a special magic in these places and sometimes there was not.  Then she showed us how to turn the magic on and how to turn it off.  She would give us experiences that would only raise questions. Then she would help us find the answers to our own questions.  Sometimes they were spiritual experiences and sometimes physical experiences, but each progression led us ever farther, and ever higher, into our own being.

This book will show you how to physically locate these special spiritual places on the mountain.  We will also help you find the special places in yourself that will allow you to have your own spiritual experiences, your own progressions, on the mountain and in your daily life.

The external world offers many, many things, but they are all illusions.  Nothing in the external expressions of life this universe has to offer has greater value than finding the child within your own being.  You must know this truth in your own being before you can be accepted into the communities of life the stars know.

This book is dedicated to all those who know in their hearts that there is supposed to be more here than the contemporary world would have one believe.  And also to those who are looking for a better way into their own tomorrows …

For those whose dreams do challenge their horizons …


. . . There is a Way . . .