The real journey for humans through time, and life upon life, is the soul’s journey from the base of the spine to the driver’s seat behind the hair swirl at the upper back of the head.

So important is this progression, in the great Universal School of Life, that with each succeeding incarnation every human level individual must begin life again with the Soul residing behind the sacrum.  Whatever you may accomplish in your life, when the record of your days and nights is counted, how high you learned to live in your being will be your most important accomplishment.

To graduate from this world’s version of The School of Life you must master essential altitude and energy management.  There is no way to do this until you find within your being The Song of Songs. The Song of Songs lights the radiant road to reality, The Road to Life.

You are a god.  To all the life forms here on earth you are a god, though perhaps not so to other humans.  You are the flower on the tree of life on this planet.  But you are only the embryo of what The Great Master Creator intends you to be. This universe is your womb.  You must find your own way to the real life, the great reality, the great happiness.

Every society has its god or gods.  Perhaps, when you learn how to listen to The Song of Songs, you may find the stars in the sky are the real Gods in this universe.

Love is the ether that fills the universes.  Love provides the energy that gives them life, and love is the adhesive that holds them together.  From here you must learn how to fly within your consciousness in order to find the next greater reality.  A thousand years ago I would have, may have said you are a bird and the power of your love and your love for others will allow you to fly up and into the next greater reality, the reality beyond the blue sky.  Today there are airplanes and many a pilot refers to his airplane as a bird.  The bird you are is much more like an airplane and the love you can and do contain will allow you to fly on the winds of time.  But, dear reader . . .

Love has many colors.

THE COLORS OF LOVE is a sexually and spiritually explicit book.  It shows how a man and a woman can have an incredible physical love life together, and at the same time, have an incredible spiritual progression.  There is so much in this universe we cannot see that as Plato said, we are all virtually blind.  This book is also about the positive and negative effects copulating has on the magnetic structures of your total being.

If a child has been molested, physically, mentally, or sexually, the temporal mind – spirit mind connection can become difficult if not impossible to make.  This can be fixed.  The problem is that it takes a Positive Master Wizard to do it, and there are very few of those about.

Creation’s intent seems to be that we, individually, learn how to fix the damage that abuse can cause.  Thus, we learn firsthand how to fix it, and also why it is so important not to harm others.  What you do to life, through the laws of karma, life is most surely going to do to you.  Unconditional love is a wonderful experience.  But, giving unconditional love to someone who is living on the negative side of life subjects one to the rules of life they live by.  Love has many lessons to teach you, if you have the heart for it.

This book is about how to fix the spiritual damage that your beloved may have suffered along the way in their journeys through time…

Sex destroys love.


Understand that if you are involved in a sexual relationship with the person you love, one or both of you will eventually end up with a broken heart.  Learn how to make love to and with each other. Learn how to create the blue fire of true love energy between you and your loved one, and that kind of love will last forever.  When you can create the blue fire energy of pure love with your beloved, you are well on your way to . . .

But . . . that’s what this story is all about.

(The Booklet Adventures in Understanding the Emotional Spectrums of Love & Erotica’ should be read first for the best comprehension)


. . . There is a Way . . .