In this life I was taken out of my body when I was sixteen years old, and taken very far up into an extremely unique bright silver blue light.  I now know that I was taken out into the universe, to the place astronomers call the Great Attractor.  At the time this happened I was so completely dazzled that I had no idea where I was.  But now I know where the place is, and do out-of-body projections there from time to time.

At the time of my first trip I was charged with my life’s work.  During another visit to the Great Attractor, a projection which I made entirely on my own around 1968, I was instructed to build a new bridge between the heaven realms and the physical world.  The new bridge is coming along very nicely.  We call it … AUDINOMETRY.

This is a new bridge.  To use it you must leave the belief systems, the mechanics of the old bridges, behind.

Across the ages many wise men have explained what life is all about.  There seems to be as many explanations as there are wise men.  I submit to you the thought that one cannot know what life is all about unless one understands what the universe is all about.

Are the Orcas and Dolphins not as civilized just because they don’t build buildings and record their thoughts in a written language?  Are the Saguaro cacti just dumb plants, or is it that we humans are not developed enough to know how to listen to the songs of their wisdom?

For ages men have looked at the night sky in awe of the stars scattered across it.  But, are they only specks of light, or is it possible that they are in possession of far more living consciousness than man is?

Man, in his brief moment in time, has yet to learn to hear.  Life holds many great adventures for one who learns how to listen.


You can know what the stars know.


You can hear what the universe longs to teach you.


The song of life is within you.


You can be more than you are.


The chapters presented in this book were originally written as individual essays.  As our mechanical drawing teacher in high school told us many, many times, “If you do not have three views of an object, you do not know what it looks like.”  These essays are an effort to give several views of an object that has many sides, levels, facets, frequencies and dimensions.  Each version is a separate view of the spiritual universe we live in.  Each time you read this series of essays you will understand more of the meanings expressed here.  Also, you will see in your own life more of what life is trying to teach you.

Each essay will help explain another, and so as one reads again and again, there is ever more meaning to be had.  So it is your own daily life, as with each closer look there is more meaning to be had.  Wisdom is always hard to come by.  Be patient with it, for it will find you when you have prepared a place for it.


. . . There is a Way . . .