Vortexes often appear to be natural, because once induced they seem to run for a very long period of time.  Their main energy structure is on the spirit level of life.  The laws of ceremonial magic are very important on the spirit level.  The intensity of these laws and the energy frequency where they operate make the spirit level seem much more real than the physical level here on Earth.  While existing on the spirit level of life, this intensity causes the spirit level to be every bit as hard as this physical world.  Many fine mystic orders have tried to master the spirit laws in order to influence physical laws.

The energy in a vortex, generated by a medicine wheel, has in it representations of the energies of creation.  Depending upon one’s orientation to these energies, one can do many things.  The vortex can be a stairway to spirit level life, but it is not prudent to play with these energies.  Each and every human has their own private vortex in the upper back of their head, the hair swirl.

A vortex is a spiritual, cosmic energy system set in motion by a medicine wheel.  Once in motion the vortex is not necessarily dependent upon the physical medicine wheel.  The energy can be polluted and interrupted by human emotional energy debris.  Thus, it is good to meditate near a vortex, but not in it.  This allows the vortex to clean your emotional energy without getting itself involved in it.  Vortexes operate by laws as a part of divine geometry and normally do not have a conscious energy being managing them.

Lights manifest through different laws of divine geometry.  They generally do have a conscious energy being managing them.  Their apparent access is only into the near astral and causal realms of the heaven worlds.  But some lights offer a much higher access when one knows how to manage the energies.  Lights are much more complex structures than vortexes.

Local Lights exist in many areas.  Frequently at the mouths of rivers, or at the junction of two rivers that flow together and form another river.  Also, at many high points of ground, including mountains.  Many points of land jutting out into a body of water also have lights.  Valleys in a mountainous region may have lights and many of these are where towns locate.  So often town centers or town parks are where the light has been for ages.

When one can “see” with spirit vision, local lights appear to be about 300 feet above the ground and can be various hues of mother of pearl to bright silver.  Only attempt to access spirit levels through bright silver colored lights.

When you can be conscious in your own being on the level where the lights exist, it is good to have the information that is presented in J.R.R. Tolkien’s LORD OF THE RINGS series.

Regional Lights are very similar to Local Lights, but are usually 3,000 to 5,000 feet above ground. They are subtler in energy and more difficult to register.  Prominent mountains, large valleys and large rivers, etc. are the likely places to find regional lights.  Mt. Shasta, Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier all have regional lights.

The planet has a spirit level envelope about it just as it has a physical level envelope.  Each has its own topography.  The spirit level topography is generally about 8,000 feet above the physical topography.  At certain places, such as Mt. Shasta and Mt. Rainier, there are areas where the two topographies coincide.  These places feel very spiritual.  Again, regional lights can range in color from mother of pearl to bright silver white.  The mother of pearl colored lights need to be cleaned, and those who clean them are very few and very busy in this world.

When you are out of your body, either temporarily or when you are in need of a new one, stand beneath a light and remember all the funny things that happened to you in your life.  Remember the favorite jokes that made you laugh.  Remember the times when you were very happy.  As you do this you will find yourself floating off the ground.  Continue to do this.  As you gain altitude, you will remember more and more funny incidences.  And each will access more altitude until you penetrate the light.

Within a local light there are about ten levels of access.  The happier you make yourself, the higher access you have.  You are in a spiritual elevator, and when you can go no higher, you will find there is a door out into a heaven world.

These spiritual lights are the pearly gates that religions talk about.  They are access points into the near higher levels of life, the so-called heaven worlds.


 . . . There is a Way . . .