Far beyond the Silver Sun, the Silver Lovers go.

Love is the ether that fills the universes.  Love provides the energy that gives them life, and love is the adhesive that holds them together.  From here you must learn how to fly within your consciousness in order to find the next greater reality.  A thousand years ago I would have said, may have said, you are a bird, and the power of your love and your love for others will allow you to fly up and into the next greater reality, the reality beyond the blue sky.  Today there are airplanes, and many a pilot refers to his airplane as a bird.  The bird you are is much more like an airplane, and the love you can and do contain will allow you to fly on the winds of time.  But, dear reader …  Love has many colors.

We are really spirit beings, daydreaming in a lower realm of life that is not our true home.  Daydreaming and caught in those daydreams by astral and causal colors of experiences that are both real and not real.  But whether real or not real, all experience, when one is free of the colors of it, is ultimately spiritual experience.  Sexual intercourse is a spiritual experience.  In fact, it is a very intense spiritual experience.  Sexual intercourse directly affects the altitude of the soul and thus ones perspective of life.  Making love also directly effects the altitude of the soul and thus also ones perspective of life.  This book is about the difference between having sex and making love.  Erotic sexual energy can be turned into incredible enduring pleasure and vertical spiritual altitude.  I believe the Great Master Creator intended that should one get caught up in their daydreams in the lower realms of life, then one could return to their spiritual home with a loving partner.  It is possible to make the inner voyage alone, to return to life, solely on your own energy.  But it is also possible to do so with a loving and willing partner.


. . . There is a Way . . .