The Eureka Society has been teaching sound current meditation since 1969 and a few thousand students have taken advantage of its techniques. Following are some student testimonials:

  • About two years ago, I was in my mid 40s and still searching for ‘the meaning of life’. My physical life was not going well, and I had a proclivity towards seeing the negative side of things. Spiritually, I had no direction and I wondered ‘if this was all there was to life’. After starting Audinometry, I found the answer to the question, ‘what is the meaning of life?’ I also realized that life had been giving me lessons, but I wasn’t learning the lessons because I wasn’t paying attention. Audinometry has helped me become more aware of myself and the reason for my existence. I actively listen for the lessons I am here to learn, and have a new confidence that I am heading in the right direction. My physical life has also improved. My experiences with Audinometry can be summed up by BKA’s poem, ‘Waking Up’.–J.L.

  • The Eureka Society has greatly expanded my experience of the world, echoing knowledge lost long ago.  And a terrific husband who also shares the vision.–T.R.

  • What I got from EV – Using the techniques of Audionometry, I began for the first time ever to have spiritual experience, actually visualizing the non-physical realms.  (As one who came from a background of applied physical sciences–this was a revelation.)  This experience has steadily improved throughout the 30+ years I have meditated.  When I meditate regularly and use the techniques, there is a noticeable increase in physical energy.  As time has passed, my life progression has moved forward career-wise.  Bad relationships have been exchanged for constructive ones.  While there are still people in my life that pose difficulties, I can see this in context.  Some physical problems (health) improved through focus and awareness of diet.  And the friends I have made through Elan Vital have been priceless.–K.K.

  • The teachings of Elan Vital, the spiritual school of the Eureka Society, is the vital way.  And that’s what Elan Vital means.  It’s given me the reason for being, helped me grow, helped me become more me, and showed me the value of energy, altitude and velocity.  It has made my world more beautiful and has opened my ‘doors of perception’.  And I know what it’s like to travel at the speed of sound and light.  It’s the only way to go.–B.D.

  • I suppose it’s worth noting that I teach math, and that it has a way of coloring the way I think the world should work.  The Eureka Society is completely in line with the testable, repeatable approach to life that I have come to expect before putting much stock in something.  It’s approach to spiritual development falls in line with an important aspect of educational theory, that of demystification.  Demystification means explaining to you what is holding you back from accomplishing something, identifying what the breakdown is, and fixing it.  This approach doesn’t stop being useful once you move above and beyond physical life, since all experience is ultimately spiritual.  The Audinometry method really shows you the nuts and bolts of how higher spiritual structures work.  No dogma, second-hand experience or mindless devotion to unproven fantasies.  Why have I stayed with it?  Because it works, and because it has given me the tools to build a more successful and satisfying life than I would have ever dreamed possible.  A word of warning though.  You may not be satisfied with what your old life gave you after working with this system.  Meditating with this system is like dumping the dialup connection for a cable modem.  You can’t really go back without being frustrated to tears with the slow speed and lack of functioning.  Sound interesting?  See you on the mountain.–D.H.

  • Since joining the Eureka Society, my life has changed completely.  Audinometry helps me become ever more of my SELF.  It brought me to my family, gave me the keys to the Universe and showed me the way … HOME.  This is the most fulfilled, inspired and happy I’ve ever been.  Energy doesn’t lie.  The proof is in the pudding!–J.B.

  • I had been in and out of drinking and doing drugs for many years of my life even though I maintained a job and raised my family through it all. There was obviously something missing in my life because I was also going to church. But the deeper I got into it, the more terrible I felt about myself. Especially when all they told me in church is how I constantly need to change and that I was such a terrible person all of the time. I later found that those pointing the finger at me were just as bad if not worse and they had no idea how to handle their own lives. So why were they always concentrating on me so much. I hated this type of hypocrisy and fake happiness. It was exhausting and wrong. About 2 years ago I started meditating and it has brought more peace than anything else I have ever done. The choices I make are more clearer and I finally have more control and direction in my life. I am so much more happier than I have ever been. The funny thing is – it was there all along! I just needed the tools to help find it.–J. N.

  • After reading every esoteric/spiritual type book I could find, I still felt that there was a lot more I needed to know. I believed the knowledge was out there.  I just had to find it.  Through a very strange coincidence I found the Eureka Society.  Through the techniques they taught me I’ve been able to find out for myself just how this world works.  And more importantly what is important and what isn’t important in this world.  The only limit to what you can learn is the effort you put in and your spiritual readiness to progress.  But if you keep an open mind and focus on learning, the experience and wisdom you have access too is beyond measure.–A.B.