The real journey for humans through time and life upon life is the soul’s journey from the base of the spine to the driver’s seat behind the hair swirl at the upper back of the head.

So important is this progression in the great Universal School of Life, that with each succeeding incarnation every human level individual must begin life again with the Soul residing behind the sacrum. Whatever you may accomplish in your life, when the record of your days and nights is counted, how high you learned to live in your being will be your most important accomplishment.

As real as this world seems, with solid objects able to exist for hundreds, thousands and even millions of years, it is only an illusion of life. The lower you live in your being, the more illusions life presents to consciousness. The higher you live in your being, the more clues life offers to consciousness as to how to find, The Road to Life, that great avenue of the soul leading to the next greater reality.


Asleep in a dream,

I dreamt I could not awake,

Until I understood,

How it was done.

Awake from the dream,

And fearful of forgetting again

I carefully reviewed,

the awakening process.

And then to my great surprise,

I awoke yet again.

Into a much more splendid day.

Excerpt from PREMISE

. . . There is a Way . . .