Understand, this place is not our home.  The being you are did not grow to the human level in the very short time that the planet Earth has been hospitable to this physical human life form.  We are all wanderers in the great school of life.  Some wander aimlessly, not realizing at all they are in a school.  Some are assigned here to learn this.  All in school, all learning.  All learning to be yourself.

Understand, all experience is designed to teach you how to be what you are.  All experience is designed to teach you how to be what you are meant to be.  All experience belongs to the spirit being who you really are.  It will decide what experience and learning it will retain, and what experiences and memories it will return to the field in which that vehicle of experiences grew.

Life is the only building block in creation.  Life’s mission is to be more than it has been, to gather experience and become more that it has been, and to generate more life velocity and intensity.

Life gives us adventures, obstacles and distractions, and all the time the real lesson is that we must learn how to manage the energy of life.  Freedom will not come to you.  You must free yourself.

Excerpt from THE ROAD TO LIFE

 . . . There is a Way . . .