After a close brush with death in March of 1968, Bruce Avenell undertook the role of meditation teacher.  This experience reinforced an inward message he was receiving which told him that if we was not going to teach, there would be no point in staying.  So after twenty years of meditation experience and with five young children still to raise, he reluctantly agreed to do so.

In 1969 he founded the Eureka Society, a non-profit educational corporation which houses the Elan Vital spiritual school and teaches the Audinometry system.  Since its establishment, several thousand students searching for a “graduate level meditation school” have embarked on this system of advanced meditation techniques.

Mr. Avenell refers to himself as a “spiritual mechanic” and points out that “Mechanics is a provable science.”  He encourages skepticism and emphasizes that success with the Audinometry techniques does not depend on the student’s accepting the teacher’s personal experiences or beliefs.  And as a born problem solver, he has been able to find solutions to students’ problems over the years by piecing together information from his experience and theirs.

Mr. Avenell is currently undertaking the role of writer in order to document and preserve information and discoveries which have opened doors closed for a long time.

The Eureka Society is a nonprofit corporation based in California, housing the spiritual school of Elan Vital, which teaches Audinometry, an advanced, high-energy program of inner development, personal growth and meditation practices.  While Audinometry has its roots in eastern yoga and sound current meditation, it is western, progressive and non-devotional in concept, design and techniques.  Audinometry is the science of measuring, comprehending, controlling and experiencing the sonic chords and light spectrums within your being…the actual vital essence which causes you to be.  We teach our students what it is and what to do with it. These techniques are designed to guide our students’ spiritual progress safely and methodically into higher and stronger levels of consciousness, energy and comprehension.  To grow spiritually you must be center stage in your own life…for the MAGIC is within YOU.

. . . There is a Way . . .