Creation and all the life that encompasses is constantly evolving, from the simplest, lowest forms to the most complex, highest forms. But all creation is linked by a vital essence, the sound current or audible life stream, which “causes everything to be”. This means all life has equal potential for growth. However, the decisions we make about our own life’s progressions reflect whether we help or hinder creation in evolving our beings. Audinometry helps one take control of this process, and speed it up to one’s own potential in a positive direction.

Basically, Audinometry is an advanced system of inner development, personal growth and meditation practices which are western, progressive and non-devotional in concept, design and technique.  However, we understand that people pursue a meditative type of program for many different reasons.  Some want an aid to personal development with tools to better understand and operate their being.  Others would like to get acquainted with the high-energy experience before committing to long range growth.  Still others would like assistance in healing their personal situations, what we call “putting the airplane in the hangar for repairs”.

Because of this range in individual need, spiritual growth by its very nature never “fits” easily into a specific program.  But in order for you to take control of your inner life and find the freedom which can be discovered and expanded, a certain level of discipline and commitment is required.  Greater freedom does require greater responsibility.  That day when you received your first driver’s license, you had more rules and regulations to follow.  But you also gained greater freedom.  Spiritual growth is very similar.

What we offer is a well-researched, highly-developed, nuts and bolts approach to an exciting, inner, personal and spiritual adventure.  Our goal is for the program to enhance your personal progression and give you the tools to understand it.  After more than 40 years of making this available, we have found that those who put forth the effort to do the techniques and are willing to allow positive changes into their lives, are extremely pleased with the results.

The program is set out in a series of lessons, offering techniques which build on one another.  It was carefully designed to give you techniques in a sequence allowing you to develop a good foundation and confidence, before moving on to future lessons:

The Lessons

Lesson 1 – The Steering Mechanism

  • To establish control of the sense of sight (inner vision), control of the conscious mind and mental processes, and control of the etheric and spirit level bodies.
  • To gather background information for the orientation of inner spiritual experiences.
  • To establish the long-term inner steering mechanism, knowing how and where to go, and having the conceptual ability to function above the limitations of the mind.

“You must learn to think for yourself.”

Lesson 2 – Starting The Fire

  • To develop the ability to spiritually travel in an established direction.
  • To monitor the continuity of the spiritual nervous system during the gradual increase in available spiritual energy.
  • To learn how to hold a spiritual energy charge in the vital life centers.
  • To learn how to read the relationship between physical life experience and non-physical life experience.
  • To gain altitude and find the way “up”.
  • To learn proper inner protocols and spirit level manners.

“All experience is ultimately spiritual.”

Lesson 3 – Energy Management

  • To be socially acceptable in the spirit realms one wishes to visit.
  • To clean, tune, energize and manage vital spiritual centers (chakras) in the spirit bodies.
  • To manage willpower energy and the elements of vertical alignment.
  • To manage spiritual energy, which involves cleaning colors, running a charge, storing a charge and balancing elements of the magnetic auras.
  • To manage and control kundalini energy, and to maintain spiritual velocity.
  • To learn silver love protocol and manners.

“You cannot be free until you can manage the energy of your own fire of life.”

Lesson 4 – Flying The Elevator

  • To understand and learn the mechanisms of positive spirit travel.
  • To learn the function of the head centers (cranial chakras) and to program the “elevator”.
  • To understand the nature and balance of altitude, attitude, velocity and focus.
  • To understand the nature and balance of traction, momentum, spin and direction.
  • To understand and learn alignment with Divine will.
  • To understand how you create the world you live in.

“All life is equal, in potential, and will grow in time.”

Lesson 5 (& Beyond) – Wave Harmonics & Sacred  Geometry

  • To prepare for freedom from alignment.
  • To learn advanced spiritual protocol.
  • To understand the spiritual structure of the universe and the Cosmos.
  • To learn the sequential location of the One Light.
  • To comprehend spiritual responsibility, according to the breath, fire and velocity of life.
  • To implement advanced spiritual energy management.
  • To learn how to manage complex, harmonic spiritual energy configurations.

“You create the world you live in.”

To graduate from this world’s version of The School of Life, you must master essential altitude and energy management.  There is no way to do this until you find within your being The Song of Songs.  The Song of Songs lights the radiant road to reality, The Road to Life.

So if you are ready, we invite YOU to embark upon a journey of personal discovery, self-mastery and spiritual advancement — all in the spirit of fun!