When I was a young man, many years ago now, looking for a spiritual path offered few possibilities. This was even more true as I already knew the ringing sound in my ear (everyone has it) was vitally important.

If you wish to know what a person knows about Deity, ask them what they know about the ringing sound inside their own being.  It is the fuel which feeds the fire of life and opens the road, leading you to your own Divine destiny.

Nowadays, it seems almost everywhere one turns there is this piper or that piper offering this path and that path.  The paths they offer lead to this great, great, or super great, guru, teacher, or sage of some sort.  But do not lose yourself in someone else.  REMEMBER, it is NOT the teacher who is important, it is YOU who are important.

It is not how you feel about the teacher that matters.  It is how the teachings make you feel about yourself.  Practicing devotion to another being depletes your own spiritual energy.  To grow in spirit you must learn to hold your own energy until you have a critical mass.  Then when you are strong in yourself, you are more able to be on the road to your Divine destiny…the radiant road to life.

You are a Divine being, meant to stand among the LORDS of creation, but you are an embryo of what you are yet to become.  There is still much growing to do.  The path you are looking for is within you, and you already have inside yourself all that is needed to master the radiant road to Divine reality.

You may well need training to be able to use the tools which you have, but don’t let anyone sell you something extra (at a great price).  You surely have it already in your tool box.

Below are instructions on how you can learn to manage your own energy and how your being works.  Good Luck.


How To Register

The Audinometry Program is set up to do by mail, allowing you to progress at your own rate.  In some areas of the country, it is possible to attend regular meetings and get feedback from other members.  The lesson material is designed to guide you sufficiently, but you may also choose (or be assigned) a “coach” from within the Society to “mentor” you through the program.  We suggest you keep a diary of your experiences as you practice these techniques.  This can serve to better tailor our instructions to each individual’s personal needs and will help you monitor your own progress.  Again, each individual progresses at their own rate.  Lesson I is designed to take 1-2 years, but some students are in Lesson II earlier than that.

The Audinometry Program includes:

  • A Lesson Plan Notebook
  • Monthly supplements
  • Periodic communications
  • The internal membership newsletter, The Silver Sun
  • Invitations to the Mt. Shasta summer retreat, as well as additional retreats throughout the year, based on the Lesson you are in (additional fees are associated with these retreats).

Membership in the Audinometry Program requires the successful completion of the application process by going to the Application Form.