The Three Paths of Ascension

Through the many years of spiritual exploration and experience, and to a degree some of his students, Eureka Society Founder, Bruce K. Avenell, has discovered there are three main spiritual paths leading from the physical world and into the spiritual realms.

Waking Up

As real as this world seems, with solid objects able to exist for hundreds, thousands and even millions of years, it is only an illusion of life. The lower you live in your being, the more illusions life presents to consciousness. The higher you live in your being, the more clues life offers to consciousness as to how to find, The Road to Life, that great avenue of the soul leading to the next greater reality.

Your Inner Journey

You may feel that you have come here for some reason you do not know, or at least do not remember, and thus, you wonder what this is all about. It is possible to remember. In fact, it is easy to do. It is so easy that when you finally do remember, you will wonder how you ever managed to forget

The Eternal Universe

Not only is it possible to know life is eternal, it is also possible to move your consciousness into the eternal parts of your being. There are faculties in your being you may not know exist. Moving consciousness allows you to live a much fuller and much more rewarding life while you are still in residence in the physical body.

Magic Mountain

For ages man has wanted to fly with the birds. You are a bird free to fly on the winds of time. But first you must learn how to let go of the tree. There are special places on Mt. Shasta where it is very easy to let go of the tree in meditation, and in full consciousness, remember your place in the universe

Your Path To Daylight

Understand, this place is not our home. The being you are did not grow to the human level in the very short time that the planet Earth has been hospitable to this physical human life form. We are all wanderers in the great school of life. Some wander aimlessly, not realizing at all they are in a school. Some are assigned here to learn this. All in school, all learning. All learning to be yourself.


Life is really just a game. You don’t have to play the game. If you don’t play the game, there is no legitimate reason for being a human being. The game of life is creation’s game. Creation’s intent for you is that through the games of life you will learn how to be a Divine being in your own right.


If you are not looking to go someplace or accomplish something, sitting quietly has many benefits. But flying in meditation can pay incredible rewards and give you a grip on life beyond the limitations of the planet, the star, the galaxy and even beyond the limitations of this universe.


Of all the courses the Great Universal School of Life offers, only one is required for an individual to graduate: ENERGY MANAGEMENT. This gives you the power to move vertically in the spiritual realms, and in doing so one finds that the higher in the spiritual realms one goes, the finer and more fun the experience of life is.
…There is a Way…