The Eternal Universe

You can know through your own first hand, conscious experience that life is eternal.

Not only is it possible to know life is eternal, it is also possible to move your consciousness into the eternal parts of your being. There are faculties in your being you may not know exist. Moving consciousness allows you to live a much fuller and much more rewarding life while you are still in residence in the physical body. Thus you are empowered to live dynamically and multi-dimensionally within the every-day flow of reality. You can do this in your life.

The human physical body lives on one physical level of our universe. Our universe is both multi-level and multi-dimensional.  Human beings are limited by the perceptions of our physical senses. In reality, we have corresponding physical-type bodies on each of these levels. For the most part they are asleep. This is because of the spiritual energy necessary to operate the multi-level perception of our spiritual structures that are a part of every human being. The physical body focus has first call on the spiritual energy necessary to power spiritual perception. In fact, much closer to the truth of our existence is we are really spirit beings caught in the low energy structures of the physical experience. Physical human life is a spiritual labyrinth. Each must find their own way out in order to open the avenue to a more real experience of life in this universe.

As spiritually energized consciousness moves into conscious life in the universal community, there are many awakenings available to the ardent seeker of the path to divine fulfillment. Audinometry is a systematic practice which uses the sound patterns in Om, or Aum, often referred to as the sound current, to power multi-level consciousness and bring awareness and consciousness together to fully comprehend your spiritual environment. Once you learn the techniques of Audinometry, these practices will work on all the levels of creation – both in this universe and beyond.

This is a new bridge. To use it you must leave the belief systems, the mechanics of the old bridges, behind.

Across the ages many wise men have explained what life is all about. There seems to be as many explanations as there are wise men. I submit to you the thought that one cannot know what life is all about unless one understands what the universe is all about.

For ages men have looked at the night sky in awe of the stars scattered across it. But, are they only specks of light, or is it possible that they are in possession of far more living consciousness than man is?

Man, in his brief moment in time, has yet to learn to hear. Life holds many great adventures for one who learns how to listen.


You can know what the stars know.


You can hear what the universe longs to teach you.


The song of life is within you.


You can be more than you are.


The chapters presented in this book were originally written as individual essays. As our mechanical drawing teacher in high school told us many, many times, “If you do not have three views of an object, you do not know what it looks like.” These essays are an effort to give several views of an object that has many sides, levels, facets, frequencies, and dimensions. Each version is a separate view of the spiritual universe we live in. Each time you read this series of essays you will understand more of the meanings expressed here. Also, you will see in your own life more of what life is trying to teach you.

Each essay will help explain another, and so as one reads again and again, there is ever more meaning to be had. So it is your own daily life, as with each closer look there is more meaning to be had. Wisdom is always hard to come by. Be patient with it, for it will find you when you have prepared a place for it.

...There is a Way...