The following is an interview with founder, Bruce K. Avenell

    • Mr Avenell, could you tell us a little but about Audinometry? Where did this system come from?
      Audinometry is a progressive, advanced system of sound current meditation. A lot of the background techniques came from two Sikh gurus, Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind and Kirpal Singh, both of whom I studied Surat Shabda Yoga under. From this my long memory opened up, and I remembered teaching spiritual systems in ancient Eqypt. We’ve revamped the system many times, because of new things which are continually being discovered. So, this system is based on my own experiences, as well as my students’ experiences.
    • What is your relationship to your students? Are you a guru or master of some sort?
      No, I’m not into devotion.  We don’t tie you to a spiritual master, nor do we teach a religion or philosophy.  Previously, I’ve always offered to be a student’s friend and confidant, and to help them understand what is happening to them.  I’m very informal, because the thing these students are looking for is in themselves, not in me.  I have tried to show them enough of my life so they can see I’m just a regular person.  I guess I don’t like titles.  You can call me a coach, if you like.
    • So there is no initiation?
      That’s correct.  In ancient times there would be ceremonies and secret rites to impress on your being the importance of such a decision.  We see the need for that, but we feel not even all this ceremonial stuff can establish in your being the proper spiritual attitude needed.  That has to be built into you.  We try to help you do this in early techniques.
    • You mentioned remembering a past life in Egypt. Then you do believe in reincarnation?
      Yes, I remember several lives in Egypt.
    • So, these techniques enable people to remember past lives?
      Yes, but it doesn’t come as predictably as we would like.  Many students of our system have remembered past lives, and it’s helped them work out things in their present incarnation.
    • What do people experience doing Audinometry?
      All sorts of things.  These techniques enable you to have a lot more energy in your being, which can cause several things to happen.  Greater mental capacity, ability to relax more, control of spiritual vision and comprehension of spiritual experience are a few.
    • Or the ability to see a wider reality than the ordinary conscious person does?
      Yes, the ability to be aware or travel on the inner planes.  It’s not really limited.  Some students say, when they come to Audinometry, that they want to be free.  We give you all the freedom you can handle.
    • Where does all this lead? I mean, what’s the goal your students are seeking?
      That really depends on the person.  There are many reasons for doing Audinometry.  They should all come from a real desire to grow.  Our system is not tied to yesterday.  It is constantly growing, being revised and renewed.  If there is any technique which speeds things up and allows a student to be strong and keep their identity, we will be very happy to put it within our structure.  We’ve done it many times already.  Where Audinometry leads is up to the student.  Many people come in just to learn to relax, and they learn more.  And that’s fine.  They may see a little farther down the road and have another goal.  We are inclined to believe we are all divine beings.  The universe is a womb and we are the embryos of divine beings.  The progression of life takes us nearer and nearer, through countless lives, to that realization.  Doing Audinometry simply accelerates the process.  I’ve done a great deal of exploring inside over the years.  A lot of it was guided and later on when I knew my way around, I started out on my own.  Eventually I was given a job to do, and I realized for me life has to be an adventure.  I guess realizing one’s divine heritage could be considered an ultimate goal.  It’s quite an adventure discovering that.
    • Then you consider Audinometry an adventure. What kind of adventures are you talking about? Spiritual experiences?
      In the beginning the adventure is discovering yourself, discovering who you are, what you are, why you are here doing this and what your background is.  After that, all kinds of doors and avenues open up to you.  As you get closer to the Divine Being, you are actually getting closer to your own true self.  This involves taking on more obligations and doing your part in creation.  With inner strength, inner awareness and inner power, comes added responsibility.  From here, there seems to be no limitations to life.
    • You mentioned this technique allows you more energy in your being. This question may be naive, but why would anyone want more energy in your being?
      Would you like to have more money in your bank account?  And why?  As you do our system, you become aware of a phenomenon going on inside of you which is similar to walking into a dark house and turning on the lights.  As the lights come on, a lot of your whole nature comes into your conscious awareness.  These lights require a certain amount of energy to run them.  Basically, we turn you on to the energy which allows this to happen in your being.  What happens is that as you get the ability to handle more conscious energy, you have access to higher and higher levels of life.  The human vehicle is capable of handling a great range of energy.  When you have access to more energy, you begin to learn how to manage your own energy structure.
    • What exactly do you mean by learning to manage your own energy structure?
      This is the process you go through when you begin getting more conscious energy in your being.  There are several steps to this, but basically you learn how to balance this energy, store it and use it when needed.  When you start controlling this process, spiritual lessons come faster.  And you also have much more ability to comprehend these lessons.  You start living more in your eternal being than in your temporal.  In order to exist as a functioning divine being, you must learn how to manage the energies that a divine being lives on.
    • My impression is this is a very mechanical approach to a spiritual life. Am I reading that right?
      Yes, that’s right.  I’m a mechanic, in a manner of speaking.  We don’t teach second-hand philosophy.  We teach something which is provable by experience.  Something that works.  A mechanic has to prove he can make something work.  A philosopher can philosophize all day, and not have to prove any of it.
    • Can anyone do this? Or do you need to be specially gifted?
      If you’ve got a warm body, it can work.  Seriously, we can guarantee this will work for you to the extent that you follow instructions.  The thing I look for most in a student is persistence.  Persistence is most important.  This path is extremely difficult and is not for everybody.  It takes a high degree of personal commitment and discipline to climb a path so steep.  All life has the potential to reach a divine state, and in this potential all life is equal.  However, we must all choose when to make this commitment to life.
    • How involved in the physical world are your students? Are they recluses?
      Life does exist in a much greater spectrum than this physical world.  However, part of our system teaches you to tune yourself to the different spectrums and still maintain your physical existence.  To live within this continuity of life.  I think being a recluse is a copout.  If you’re a recluse there is no reason for having a physical body.  This physical world is like a read-out on a computer.  It tells you what is going on in your life.  A student can’t come to me and say, “My spiritual life is going great, but my physical life is going down the tubes.”  The physical world is a read-out.  On the other hand, if a student comes to me and says, “Boy, my physical is purring right along, but I’m having these problems spiritually”, they have small problems.  If you don’t have that interplay with life, you don’t have a report card.  Life gives you a report card every day of what is going on with you spiritually.
    • So, what about people who seem to be doing well physically? Like some wealthy people who seem to have everything they need in the physical, but don’t seem to have any real spiritual lives?
      Are they happy?
    • I’m not sure. Is that the criteria? Is happiness the true wealth?
      A sense of having a purpose, an adventure where you are doing things which are rewarding to you.  A life in which you are learning things in the progression through life, when things are a lot better this year than last.  Being excited about living.  Having good friends.  All these contribute to happiness.  And happiness carries great spiritual wealth.
    • Can you tell me more about the actual instructions and what is required if I was interested in starting?
      We have several lessons which we teach in a step by step program.  We give you spiritual exercises to do, and ask that you keep a diary.  As you begin to master the techniques, we give you supplementary material.
    • How long does it take someone to get through this program?
      Well, that’s up to the individual.  Both according to his own goals and how well he sticks with it.  Many systems say it takes several lifetimes to be free of this place.  In this system you can learn what you need to know in one lifetime.
    • What about monetary arrangements?
      There’s a lot of spiritual merchandise being offered these days.  Some are trying to sell something which people already possess.  Life is eternal.  Don’t let anyone try to sell it to you.  They can’t take it away.  We’re not trying to sell you something you already have.  We are willing to teach you how to use your being to a much greater personal profit.  It’s hard to put a price on that.  We do charge an initial fee and regular payments as long as you do the formal program and are receiving regular information.  We’ve learned that there is no free lunch in this universe.  And we feel this covers that obligation.
    • Have you written any books or articles about your system?
      I have several books and booklets out, all of which are available on this web site.  And several more are in the works.  (See the Publications section)
    • Any parting words?
      The Audinometry system of meditation is an investment in your eternal self.  Just remember, life is a do-it-yourself adventure, but it’s also a school, a very vast one.  Be a worthy student of the school and creation will create an amazing place for you, way beyond anything you could ever imagine.  Good luck with your endeavors!

    (Note: Bruce passed from the physical and into the spiritual in August, 2015)