Audinometry refers to the sound current, the sounds of Om or Aum, which is the audible life stream or the ringing tone one can hear when all other sounds are silent.  Audinometry is the practice of measuring, experiencing, controlling and comprehending the sonic chords and light spectrums within your own being…the Vital Essence which causes all life to be.   Elan Vital is the name of the spiritual school of The Eureka Society.  It is a French term meaning “the vital essence”.   We feel this program encompasses the vital essence of a good, stable spiritual progression.

We assume you are reading this because you want to grow spiritually.  But since you are alive, you are growing spiritually.  Life is a spiritual school.  We realize that this school progresses very slowly.  Audinometry techniques are for those who wish to grow faster.  However, in growing faster, one must also grow stronger and deeper.  For all things must balance.

Growing also means outgrowing.  Time, interests, energy and geography limit what you can hold in your life.  Changing any one of these is apt to have repercussions.  Putting time and energy into one thing is probably going to mean some other area gets less.  If there is something in your life, someone, some place, or a particular philosophy you are attached to and cannot live without, you will probably outgrow it or leave it behind in this progression.  It is not Audinometry which causes this to happen.  This is the normal function of the School of Life.  The process of leaving things behind and making major changes in life generally happens at the termination of physical life.

However, it is possible to speed the growing process up and learn many lifetimes worth of wisdom in a comparatively short period of time.  If you would like not to come back to earth life again, then you must learn everything earth has to teach you in the time you have left here in this life.  Attachments will bring you back.  It is not wrong to have things, enjoy relationships, explore life and living, but becoming attached will bring you back to earth life again and again, until attachments are worked out and no longer exist.

Life is a school, a spiritual school, whose ultimate goal is teaching you how to reach higher and higher states of being.  This upward spiraling progression eventually leads you to a time when you can assume a consciously divine state of being on your own power and by your own right.  All life has this potential, and in this potential all life is equal.

It is both true and obvious we are not all at the same place on this progression.  From physical worlds like earth, the path up is very obscure as few in any one time travel it.  But as you go higher and higher in the realms (often called heavens), the path becomes more and more clearly known and visible.  Sometimes it is a very broad way and sometimes it becomes a very narrow trail.  When the way is broad, one can move leisurely along, as the realms are stable and spiritual progress along the path is known and encouraged.  When the way becomes narrow, one must hurry along as the realms are unstable and there are many pitfalls.  Physical life situations will mimic your progress in these spirit realms.  In other words, physical life is like a computer readout of the spiritual body and what is going on there.  Audinometry can help you understand your related life predicaments and offer viable solutions.

Audinometry involves attaining relaxation and mental quiet as a product of going to a much higher energy state, which allows one to run a higher state of consciousness.  But of all the courses the vast School of Life offers, ultimately there is only one which is required for any of us to graduate: SPIRITUAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT.  In order to graduate from the School of Life, you must learn to run the energies of life.  Audinometry offers this.

Very basically, the true essence of your being lives on an electrical type of spiritual energy.  This spiritual energy drives your consciousness and provides the energy to hold your genetic structure in balance.  The energy is supplied to you through an umbilical cord arrangement, and the ringing or buzzing sound we all hear is the current flow in that power line.  Your hair swirl is evidence of its path.

Real spiritual growth and development involves learning how to control the energy flow in your own being.  That energy flow is the “gasoline” which supports the life velocity of your being.  When you have learned how to keep from running out of gas, you are free to explore the great universe of universes as a free being in your own right.  This means you will have a cosmic “driver’s license”, unlimited energy and all the time you need.

This energy management gives one the power to move vertically in the spiritual realms and in so doing, one finds that the higher in the spiritual realms one goes, the finer and more fun the experience of life is.  Sooner or later, one learns the way out of the great school of life.  Yes, there is a way out of here.  But to fly into the altitudes this direction offers, there is a certain amount of conscious spiritual growing one needs to do.

However, we do not teach a faith, creed, belief, or philosophy.  We do teach a series of techniques which will open the inner realms to you to the degree you do the techniques correctly.  This is not a study.  IT IS A PATH.  It is not a belief.  IT IS A MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB.  It is not an opinion.  IT TAKES YOU TO A REAL PLACE.  The practice of Audinometry does not fit into the confines of any religion or philosophy.  As one progresses up the path, the time comes when one sees the truth and beauty of all the religions.  One comes to understand their attempts to define and describe the many regions of spiritual life above the earth plane.

Despite the awesome potentials which await one on this path, you do not need to be experienced to do the program.  Your strength of character and the ability to apply the instructions and grow conceptually are probably more important in assuring success with the techniques than prior experience with any other system of inner growth.

The program is set out in a series of lessons, offering techniques which build on one another.  It was carefully designed to give you techniques in a sequence that allows you to develop a good foundation and confidence, before moving on to future lessons.

But remember, life is eternal.  Don’t let anyone try to sell it to you.  They cannot take it away.  There is so much spiritual merchandise being offered to people today that we expect a certain amount of skepticism.  We feel skepticism is a healthy state of mind as long as it does not impede progress.  We are not trying to sell you something you already have.  We are willing to teach you how to use the spiritual faculties you already have. Contemporary schools teach you how to use your brain and, to a certain extent, your mind.  We offer to teach you how to use your being to a much greater personal profit.

When you have learned to master the fire of your own life, you will have become a divine being in your own right, your birthright from times beginning.  So, if this is what you’ve been looking for, then we would be happy to help you on an adventure in awakening, exploring, and knowing — on the Road to LIFE.

For now, remember to LISTEN…The MAGIC is within YOU!