Adventures in Learning How to Listen

This happened to me many years ago. It’s difficult now to remember just when it was. I was about thirty-six years old. In those days my daily meditation program was to follow the sound current up to a place on the Great White Mountain, and from there decide what area of creation I would explore in that particular meditative projection. I did a lot of exploring this way when I was in my thirties.

On this particular day when my vision cleared, I was in a hall in a building. The hall extended to my left and to my right. In front of me were double doors with the right hand door open. I entered and found myself in a very large room, which was obviously a library. Directly in front of me sat a man at the extreme right end of a table that extended off to the left out of the range of my vision. He was looking intently at me. The room looked as one might expect any library room to look. However, the gentleman before me was all silver, with silver hair and silver skin. Understanding that he had come from a much higher level to speak to me, and remembering proper protocol, I asked, “What wisdom do you have for me?”

Looking deep into my eyes, he leaned forward and said, “Now listen very carefully.” Then abruptly he stood up, turned and walking a few steps, was gone.

My first reaction was not entirely a pleasant one. I had expected some great pearl of wisdom. He had picked up my expectations and then dropped them without even a hint of the wisdom I had expected, or so I thought.

Time went by, more time than I care to admit, but over the years since he told me to Listen Very Carefully, I have come to realize what a great pearl of wisdom he gave me that day. Perhaps the greatest pearl of all.

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY. But what do we listen to? We listen to the radio. We listen to our friends, our coworkers; we listen with our eyes and ears to the television. We listen to some atrocious noise that we have been told, and possibly convinced, is music. But, what of the music of the spheres? What of the songs of life the universe subtly sings to us in our silent moments, allowing us, causing us to be alive? Creation speaks to us in every moment of every day, but do we listen to creation in any moment of any day? Have you ever listened in the silence and listened to what you were listening to? And even in that silence, listen yet again?

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY. But what is there to listen to? What in the silence is there to listen to? In the silence, if you can find any, if you allow any silence in your life, creation sings its songs of life to you.  Creation’s songs are of the direction in which to grow. Creation’s songs are of The Road to Life. Listen, it is important to be here now. When you learn how to be here now and arrive in your life, living in creation’s moment, then there is someplace to go. Living in the moment gives you access to The Road to Life. Listening in the moment gives you momentum along The Road to Life. What you listen to in your life determines whether you are a candidate for The Road to Life, or possibly, because there is no way to stand still on the road, you may be traveling on The Road from Life.

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY. Understand, that if you have been allowed to know about the sound current and if you have been allowed to understand a bit about how to use it, you have been allowed to live in, what is in essence, a different universe from those who don’t know and have not been given the ability to comprehend its use.

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY. Consider how men lived before the gasoline engine. The difference in the potentials your life has with Sound Current meditation is the difference in potentials the gasoline engine gave to human society. There’s something to think about for a while. Now sit in your car in the drivers seat and turn on the engine. With the engine running, put your feet flat on the floor and your hands in your lap. Now listen to the engine running. This is called meditation. Listening to the sound current is only marginally different from listening to the car engine running. With your feet on the floor and your hands in your lap, even though you are in the driver’s seat of your car, it isn’t going to go anywhere. To get your car to go anywhere, you must learn how to use the command signals it was designed to recognize. If you don’t want to take the time to learn the command signals the car requires you have two choices; they are passenger or pedestrian.  Many people are passengers or pedestrians in their own life.

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY. In Lesson One we try to teach the student the command signals that give rudimentary control of their life. In Lesson Two we teach them how to start the engine. We have learned that in your spirit vehicle there is no clutch and no neutral. If you are listening to the sound current you are going somewhere. Going somewhere does not even imply that you might be somewhere when you get there.

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY. What you are listening to has a significant effect on where your life is going. What you are listening to is a part of the steering mechanism of your spirit vehicle. Many people in learning how to steer have lead incredible lives without the sound current.  Without the sound current, steering is a horizontal experience.

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY. Life as a human being is a destination. Paradox: 1) Life doesn’t go any place from here, because there is no place else to go. We live here in the realm of paradox. In the realm of paradox each truth has two sides to it. 2) This is as far as consciousness can progress along The Road to Life without sound current energy.

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY. Life is really just a game. You don’t have to play the game. If you don’t play the game, there is no legitimate reason for being a human being. The game of life is creation’s game.  Creation’s intent for you is that through the games of life you will learn how to be a Divine being in your own right. Living in this universe you are an embryo of the Divine being you are yet to become.

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY. You don’t have to play the game of life creation’s way. You are free, and you are meant to be free. You are free to make your own rules to the games of life. You are free to win or fail. In time you will find that the games of life only work if you are freely willing to learn to live life by creation’s rules. You must win the game before you can have any influence over the rules to the game. Playing by creation’s rules allows for a wonderful winning streak and an incredible freedom.

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY. Creation is directly involved in what you are allowed to hear. Tell me how you are going to play the game of life and I will understand. But when you realize your game of life isn’t going anyplace, understand creation is telling you how the game of life is to be played. You are tithing to creation whether or not that money goes to an organized spiritual society. Some certain ten-percent of your spendable income is determining the direction creation will allow your life’s lessons to come from. What you are able to hear involves the direction in which you are allowed to hear. You must support the avenues in life you wish to follow. More to the point you are supporting and determining the directions in life that are open to you. You can pave the road in life you are on.

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY. I have used a car, an automobile for some of the examples of life I have given to you. But in truth you are a bird and you must learn to fly under your own power. Hatched in a tall tree and feathered out ready to fly, it is a long way to the ground. It takes a lot of courage to launch into thin air and trust your own wings. The ground is a long way down, but the sky has no limits. From the sky comes the music of the spheres. It is the music that can lead you home to the great happiness.

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY. The more you learn to listen to, the more there is to listen to.

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY  . . .  The rhythm takes you farther away. It is the melodies and the harmonics that can lead you home.


...There is a Way...