Your Inner Journey

Beware of those who would sell you immortality. Life is already immortal. There is no other kind. Yes, I know that you do not think you remember a life beyond this physical life, but it is only because you do not know how to remember.

Consciousness does NOT die. At the time of physical death, consciousness just changes its residence to a different type of life container. At death, consciousness moves into another vessel which it has earned the right to, and thus, gains access to another realm of life.

You may feel that you have come here for some reason you do not know, or at least do not remember, and thus, you wonder what this is all about. It is possible to remember. In fact, it is easy to do. It is so easy that when you finally do remember, you will wonder how you ever managed to forget.

You come from “somewhere” before you were born and you go “somewhere” when you die. Religions attempt to define this experience for you, but the truth is it can be known by one personally. It is possible to keep contact with that “somewhere” while you are in a physical body. As a consequence, a vast world of growth opens up to the seeker or pilgrim soul.

I understand that the western mind, or perhaps anyone’s mind whose physical owner is planet-bound, may have some difficulty, initially, with the context in which parts of this book are written. The conceptual framework for this book is simply, that life is both physical and non-physical in its structure and function. The normally unseen structures (auras, chakras, soul, etc.) are part of one’s eternal being, whereas one’s physical body and mind are a temporary residence of consciousness.

LISTEN … You are already immortal. It is only that your consciousness does not have the energy, momentum, velocity and altitude necessary to live in the eternal part of your being. You can have these things in yourself in useful access. It is only easy … if you try.

LISTEN … This physical body that lives in this moment in time is only a very small part of your total being. In order for your total being to function, it needs more conscious energy. This is easier to come by than you might think. You must learn how to manage the energy you already have access to. The more energy you have, the more you can have. The more energy you have, the more you can hold. The more you hold, the more alive you are. You can become ever stronger, ever brighter, and ever more alive on THE ROAD TO LIFE.

LISTEN … The planet earth is meant to be a Spiritual School. You came here to learn how to manage the energy of your total being. In the depths of your being there is a way to do this.

LISTEN … Believe nothing of what I tell you but this. Your beliefs hold your being in the mental realms. Beliefs create illusions. The stronger the belief, the stronger the illusion. Life, your life, is trying to teach you what you need to know. All you have to do is listen. Learn how to … LISTEN !

The magic of life is within you. You can be more than you are. That is the intrinsic purpose and beauty of life which I have come to grasp from my extensive experiences in the inner worlds, and as a spiritual teacher and student of life on the physical plane. I hope you will enjoy and learn from this book, which is based on those experiences.

Are you listening ? …

...There is a Way...